About House of Giving

About house of giving

Since 2001, House of Giving has been providing support and guidance to those who need a little more.

Who we are

We’re a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We ensure 100 percent of the donations received go directly to the causes we support.


Our mission is to provide support and guidance to the individuals and communities we serve. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


We believe we’re all God’s children. We give more than a handout. We give a hand up. We value human life and dignity. Every human has the right to live a life of purpose and by serving others we are blessed.


After traveling the world and seeing the tremendous amount of families in need, Michael and Susan Ellison decided to start House of Giving to help fund wellness research, education and a variety of life-sustaining amenities.


The Department of Justice states human trafficking as the fastest growing business in organized crime and it involves the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. It makes more money than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It’s both a domestic and global crime, but unfortunately, it occurs most in the U.S. 

Only 1 out of 100 trafficked individuals will be rescued. In 2019, half of all victims were children, according to the Federal Human Trafficking Report. The top three vulnerabilities identified among children victims are runaways, children in foster care and abused or neglected children. 

We want to help rescue more victims. By spreading awareness, we hope to make a positive impact on survivors’ lives.

If you’d like to help, please donate. A donation of any dollar amount will make a big difference.


We’ve contributed to a number of projects around the globe, they include:

Water Well Programs:

Delivered clean, safe drinking water to impoverished areas of the world, including Africa, Mexico and South America.


Feeding the hungry

Fed the hungry children and their families across Africa, Mexico and the U.S.



Contributed wellness research and programs to empower and educate K-8 students who are at the poverty level, including those who are homeless.

Physical Activity:

Physical fitness

Introduced team sports into our education programs to further encourage kids to play together, stay in school and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.